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Are you flying with the largest airline in United Kingdom for your next trip?
Got questions on how to check in with British Airways?
Then you’ve clicked the correct link to learn more about how to check in with British Airways!

Online Check-In With British Airways

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Check-in via e-mail/web
You can do a check-in via British Airways website. Book and click. After accomplishing the booking you will receive via email a printable boarding pass sent to you between 36 and 15 hours prior to your departure. (You can either print it or show your boarding pass upon boarding with your smartphone)
Check-in via Mobile
If you’re always on your mobile, then you can check in and your boarding pass will be sent directly to your mobile between 36 and 2 hours prior to your departure. No printing needed. (High five! You’ve saved a couple of papers too!)
Note: For check-in times you can check in online or on your mobile phone, from 24 hours and up to 1 hour, before your flight scheduled time to depart. To check certain check in time for specific airports –
Go to Manage My Booking, Click on your flight number, select ‘Check in’ and then click on ‘Other ways to check in’

Airport Check-in with British Airways

Self Service Check-in
If you are confident enough that you can assist yourself in checking in then you can use the self-service check in upon arriving at the airport.

Airport Check-In
If you wish you be assisted upon checking in by British Airways’ helpful and friendly staff then you may proceed to your nearest British Airways’ counter upon arriving at the airport.
To find out check-in times at the airport,

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