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There’s something about a sunset that makes us break out our cameras and try for the best shot. However beautiful the sunset, the true beauty can only be fully captured by those experiencing the vibrant colours painted across the horizon in person. Europe has many amazing skylines that transform with the setting sun, and many have taken photographs that make us want to hop on a flight to experience it ourselves.

Take a tour of Europe’s most stunning sunsets caught on film…

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Europe's sunsets: Amsterdam
image by philstephenrichards @ Flickr

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2. Athens, Greece

Europe's sunsets: Athens
image by Jogn Georgiou @ Flickr

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3. Berlin, Germany

Europe's sunsets: Berlin
image by OneLastPicture @ Flickr

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4. Brussels, Belgium

Europe's sunsets: Brussels
image by John & Mel Kots @ Flickr

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5. Copenhagen, Denmark

Europe's sunsets: Copenhagen
image by Jim Nix / Nomadic Pursuits @ Flickr

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There’s still 10 more sunsets to see…keep reading!

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