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Who hasn’t experienced this: you’ve found a perfect flight offer but before you’re ready to pull the trigger, the offer is gone. Usually the dates have to be aligned with your travel partner(s), accommodations have to be checked and this often takes a couple of hours. But don’t worry – from now on with the free cancellation service Opodo you are able to cancel your flights entirely free of charge during a certain timeframe.


opodo free cancellation


How does the free cancellation service Opodo offers work?

After searching for your flights you’ll see the notification of the free cancellation service and its timeframe directly on the results page.

In order to cancel the booking within the allowed timeframe, you’ll only need to call our Customer Service Centre. Your flight will fully refunded including service charges. This service doesn’t apply to all airline companies and it is only applicable to those flights indicated in the search result page.


opodo free cancellation


If you have any questions about the free cancellation let us know in the comments.

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