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Fun fact: Researchers estimate that about 25% of people experience some sort of anxiety when it comes to air travel, while 10% have an actual phobia of flying. This phobia may be referred to as Aerophobia, aviatophobia, and aviophobia. With so many travellers taking holiday to visit family or explore one of the top destinations for 2015, during this time of year, the phobia of flying may be a more common sentiment. If you count yourself among the 25% of people who start to lose their calm when flying, don’t worry: Breathe in, breathe out and check out Opodo’s 12 tips to keep calm during your next flight.

Afraid of flying

  • Feel good about the stats: More than 3 million passengers fly worldwide every day; aeroplanes take off every 2 seconds somewhere in the world; and statistics claim air travel is about 22 times more safer than travelling by car.
  • Avoid the details: When an air disaster does occur, avoid the graphic details in the news. It’s important to be informed, but too much information isn’t necessary.
  • Booking the seats on the wing: If the idea of turbulence terrifies you, grab a seat on the wing on the plane. It’s said to be the most stable part of the plane and you’ll feel the turbulence a lot less than in the back.
  • The early bird stays calm: Arrive at the airport early: The earlier you arrive, the more time you will have to relax before boarding. Running late may only worsen the anxiety of flying.
  • Share your secret with the flight attendants: It’s a good idea to let them know that you’re not comfortable with flying. They may introduce you to the pilot and give you extra attention.
  • The Buddy System: Sometimes it helps to pass the time and the anxiety in conversation. If your seat mate seems open to conversing, having a conversation and shifting focus may help greatly.
  • Start reading: Whether it’s  a magazine, a book or a flyer you’ve found on the plane, divert your attention and focus on keeping your mind off the flight.
  • Get Control: Wear a rubberband around your wrist. If you should find yourself becoming anxious, snap the rubberband. It stings a little and helps divert your attention from the flight.
  • Breathing helps: Once you’re on board the aircraft, sit or recline comfortably and begin to breathe in deeply and then out slowly. Concentrate on your breathing or count your breaths to help block out your surroundings.
  • Press play: There are many smartphone apps that provide guided meditation. Download the apps you feel are most helpful before your flight and channel your inner zen.
  • Tune In: Listen to music. It will help filter out the plane noises you may find anxiety-producing. You can also try noise cancelling headphones for the moments all devices are to be turned off.
  • Avoid caffeine: Beverages containing caffeine can stimulate and increased anxiety and add a bit of nervousness.

Afraid of flying (2)

We hope these tips relax you on your next journey! Comment below and tell us how you deal with your fear of flying?

    • Great post Barry! We definitely agree that it makes for a much more enjoyable flight without the types of pax that make up your top 10.

  • I would also like to add my own tip on what did I do to kept calm, I swallowed my own saliva to prevent the blockage of air on my ears. You can also try to drink water instead of saliva.

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    saliva ? Is this a way to keep calm on flight?? Interesting !!

  • Amazing Barry !! I appreciate what it says.

  • Buddy System is the best. I also recommend caffeine if you keep low.

  • Thanks, great tips! 🙂 I’m flying in a few hours so having a quick research on how to stay calm. I find the best way to keep calm and distract myself is by reading a book i enjoy or a magazine. 🙂

  • Matthew smith

    These tips really helped me which mentioned above while travelling in plane. and rather i can say it reduces my phobia of flying in air when i started following these tips . earlier i sit in a plane with fear but now i really enjoy my journey .

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