Once again we want to send a big "thank you" to everyone that took part in the Travel Pics Contest by sharing their travel memories!

During the months of October and November we received a lot of beautiful photos related to the "Nature Lovers" topic and it was a hard decision for our #Opodo15 Travel Pics jury members to select the 3 winners because all the photos were pretty good quality-wise.

Below you can see the winner photos and also a selection of the best 30 photos we received related to "Nature Lovers".

Don't forget that we're running the third and final round of the Travel Pics contest until the 4th of December and this time the topic is "Travel Crew" and the prize is a flight for 2 to Krabi, Thailand.

French winner, @no.et.miee

Photo gagnante France #Opodo15 - Travel Pics "Nature Lovers" par @lukpics

Winner photo for France - #Opodo15 Travel Pics "Nature Lovers" by @no.et.miee

UK winner, @idrthrbskiing


Winner photo for UK - #Opodo15 Travel Pics "Nature Lovers" by @idrthrbskiing

German winner, @mohrmomentsphotography


Winner photo for Germany - #Opodo15 Travel Pics "Nature Lovers" by @mohrmomentsphotography

And here's a selection of our favourite photos!

Natural Heart in Hampshire


Photo by lkpone1 via Instagram

Cap Blanc Nez

Photo de hashtagvoyage via Instagram

Photo by hashtagvoyage via Instagram

Wolf Portrait

Photo de abl_shoot sur Instagram

Photo by abl_shoot via Instagram

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Photo de vincentagnes via Instagram

Photo by vincentagnes via Instagram

Stopping for a photo at Creux du Van

Photo de superchinois801 via Instagram

Photo by superchinois801 via Instagram

Panoramic Photo of Montenegro


Photo by loca31 via Instagram

Death Valley

Photo de voyagement.votre via Instagram

Photo by voyagement.votre via Instagram

Gecko Portrait

Photo de o3h46 sur Instagram

Photo by o3h46 via Instagram

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

Photo de skittlebeanz sur Instagram

Photo by skittlebeanz via Instagram


Photo de imchrispattison via Instagram

Photo by imchrispattison via Instagram

Nugget Point, New Zealand

Photo de ceremonium via Instagram

Photo by ceremonium via Instagram

Peaceful Lake

Photo de sono_rossa via Instagram

Photo by sono_rossa via Instagram

Butterfly Portrait

Photo de s.p.hoto sur Instagram

Photo by s.p.hoto via Instagram

Jasper National Park, Canada

Photo de benjorama33 via Instagram

Photo by benjorama33 via Instagram

Mushroom Family

Photo de adelaidegautier5 via Instagram

Photo by adelaidegauthier5 via Instagram

Fall at Ülfebad

Photo de jojoasakura via Instagram

Photo by jojoasakura via Instagram

Pengiuns at "Land of Fire"

Photo de marilu666 sur Instagram

Photo by marilu666 via Instagram

Cloud Trail

Photo de celinelrch sur Instagram

Photo by celinelrch via Instagram

Canyon Sainte-Anne, Quebec

Photo de amande.ine sur Instagram

Photo by amande.ine via Instagram

Sunset over Avoriaz

Photo de bald_eagle_paris sur Instagram

Photo by bald_eagle_paris via Instagram

Geyser at Yellowstone

Photo de jchoneybee sur Instagram

Photo by jchoneybee via Instagram

Sunny Winter

Photo de salometos sur Instagram

Photo by salometos via Instagram

South African Penguins 

Photo de jenjenwanderlust sur Instagram

Photo by jenjenwanderlust via Instagram

Snow Detail

Photo de noemie_auberix_ sur Instagram

Photo by noemie_auberix_ via Instagram

Northern Lights

Photo de allessuper21 sur Instagram

Photo by allessuper21 via Instagram

Fish Family

Photo de bastischmitz sur Instagram

Photo by bastischmitz via Instagram

Rayni Day at the Highlands

Photo de janlangmaack sur Instagram

Photo by janlangmaack via Instagram

Sa Pa, Vietnam

Photo de p_o_l_l_y_y_l_l_o_p sur Instagram

Photo by p_o_l_l_y_y_l_l_o_p via Instagram

Westbury White Horse, England

Photo de sam_the_obscure sur Instagram

Photo by sam_the_obscure via Instagram

Rabbit Portrait

Photo de arnaudjdidier sur Instagram

Photo by arnaudjdidier via Instagram

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