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Cape Verde

Cape Verde

Your first impression when on one of our cheap holidays to Cape Verde will probably be that the country's mood is that of a sleepy Portuguese backwater. Situated off the coast of Senegal, slavery and drought have shaped much of the history of this necklace of 10 rugged islands: the sad strains of the funana or morna tell the story in music.

However, generally the atmosphere is a little more upbeat. The city of Mindelo with its cobbled squares and broad streets is positively cheery. There's a lively bustle around the old harbour and the fish market, and a golden beach for those who prefer their cheap holidays to Cape Verde to take a more relaxing path.

Moving between islands is easily arranged, and if you're staying for more than a day, it is worth moving about. Cricket is still played on São Vicente, though most able-bodied daredevils take advantage of its windsurfing and body-boarding facilities.

Cheap holidays to Cape Verde present the opportunity to strap on the walking boots. Santo Antão is famous for its three major hiking ribeiras, and there are three deserted islets for the unsociable intrepid.

Also worth visiting, is the semi-dormant volcano on Fogo, a steep four-hour hike up from the little village of Achada Furna. Skirting the crater perimeter takes about two hours, which is more than enough time to gaze at its burnished red and yellow innards before climbing back down to crashing surf and shellfish at sunset - a great way to round off one of Opodo's cheap holidays to Cape Verde.