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M.R. Stefanik Airport
Bratislava, 823 01

Non airport

Roznavska 24
Bratislava, 821 04
Hotel Devin
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Some of the best sights are to be found in the medieval Stare Mesto (Old Town). The main square, once famed for it´s many executions, is now dotted with welcoming wine taverns, cafés and gently buzzing bierkellers, all of which really come to life after sundown.

Once you´ve sunk a couple of cold Slovakian beers, tackle the climb up to Bratislava´s sol...

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Rainfall Humidity
Jan 1.6
Feb 3.5
Mar 9.4
Apr 16.2
May 20.7
Jun 23.8
Jul 26.1
Aug 25.7
Sep 22.1
Oct 14.9
Nov 7.8
Dec 3.9

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