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Car pick-up locations in Brussels

Airport pick-up

Brussels Airport
Brussels, 1930

Charleroi Airport
Brussels, 6041

Non airport

Tgv-Eurostar Arrivals, South
Brussels, 1060
Brussels Downtown
Brussels, 1000
Hertz Delivery Zaventem
Brussels, 1930
2 Rue De France
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To its north-east, is Ilot Sacré, a district of narrow streets crammed with restaurants and bars, 19th-century shopping colonnades, and elegant dwellings; to the north-west, it´s worth delving into the maze of narrow streets and tucked-away drinking dens weaving up to Place Ste Catherine.

Elsewhere, don´t miss the newly-revamped Cat...

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Weather in Brussels

daily avg.
Rainfall Humidity
Jan 4.3
Feb 6.7
Mar 10.3
Apr 14.2
May 18.4
Jun 22
Jul 22.7
Aug 22.3
Sep 20.5
Oct 15.4
Nov 8.9
Dec 5.6

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