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Car pick-up locations in Marseille

Airport pick-up

Aeroport Marseille
Marseille, 13700

Non airport

57, Bd De L'europe
Marseille, 13127
152 Bvd Rabatau
Marseille, 13010
89 Rue De Marengo
Marseille, 13006
15 Bld Maurice Bourdet
Marseille, 13001
89 Rue De Marengo
Marseille, 13006
Square Narvik
Marseille, 13001
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At the very top of the hill is the Centre de la Vieille Charité, a beautifully restored 17th century hospice whose high walls provide great views over rich and poor alike. But the best view of the city is from the south. Rivalling the world´s most sensational panoramas - one of terracotta rooftops and precarious balconies, laundry-shrouded terraces and tottering spires -...

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