Cheap air fare tickets to Bangkok


You’ll be intoxicated when you touch down in the buzzing atmosphere of Thailand’s economic, cultural and political centre, Bangkok.

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This popular city sprawls over 1,500 sq km. You could spend weeks in Bangkok and still not have enough time to see all the sights. Thailand has a rich monarchic history and Bangkok itself was established in 1782 by the Chakri dynasty, the current monarchy.

It’s no surprise then, that Bangkok has many beautiful royal palaces for travellers to explore – but it’s worth noting that dress codes apply when visiting royal palaces.

Take Vimanmek Palace, once a royal summerhouse, it was rebuilt in Bangkok at the beginning of the 20th C and is made of golden teak. The Grand Palace is perhaps the most well known and melds Thai and European architecture.

More grandeur can be seen at one of Bangkok’s temples. The word ‘wat’ means religious compound and Wat Pho, near the Grand Palace has a 15m high Buddha and intricate Chinese ceramic tiles in its buildings. While Wat Bangbon has a beautiful gold Buddha, surrounded by sacred statues and chandeliers. Again, it is wise to dress respectfully when visiting a Thai temple.

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