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Cheap flights to China with Opodo


Find cheap flights to China and visit a diverse and beautiful country where you can experience striking countryside and sprawling cities.

If you are fascinated by history, a cheap flight to China will reveal the majesty of the Forbidden Palace, the magnitude of the Great Wall and the magnificence of the Terracotta Army.

These are just three historical treasures - there are 30 other UNESCO World Heritage sites in China.

If you are finding cheap flights to China to see the country and its people, take a cruise up the world's third longest river, the Yangtze. Watch as the river slides through canyons and past communities clustered along its bank. You can also take shore excursions to the many antiquities and places of interest that lie along China's main artery.

Alternatively, use your cheap flights to China to experience a rapidly-changing society. See the ultra-modern skyline of Shanghai where skyscrapers are being built with amazing rapidity and tower over the rich city, which acts as China's gateway. This former hub of European colonialism is now at the epicentre of China's drive for modernisation and is an ideal way to enjoy both old and new China.

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