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If a Calypso caper set against a backdrop of colonial charm is on the cards, the golden beaches and historic monuments of Barbados offer travellers the perfect Caribbean escape. To experience it for yourself, find great deals and cheap flights to Barbados using our flight search engine.

Getting there
Barbados is very well connected to the US, UK and Europe. A number of airlines offer cheap flights to Barbados from UK airports including BWIA, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways and bmi. However, a number of airlines departing from Europe operate flights and many US airlines operating from the UK (American Airlines, Continental Airlines and Delta) offer cheap flights to Barbados via the United States.

Cheap flights to Barbados will land at Bridgetown’s Gratley Adams International airport (BGI).

When to go
You’re never going to be chilly in Barbados, but probably the best time to take one of our cheap flights to Barbados is between January and May, when temperatures are pleasant and rainfall low.

Not surprisingly, beach life, and all its associated activities, is the biggest draw card but the hubbub of Bridgetown and the array of colonial edifices around the island also add to it’s unique charm.

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Weather in Barbados

daily avg.
Rainfall Humidity
Jan 27.8 7.5 36 77
Feb 27.8 8.2 43 77
Mar 28.3 8.5 45 77
Apr 28.9 8.6 78 77
May 29.4 8.5 117 80
Jun 29.4 7.8 159 83
Jul 29.4 8.7 150 80
Aug 29.4 8.3 135 80
Sep 30 7.2 165 77
Oct 29.4 6.8 164 80
Nov 28.9 7.5 85 80
Dec 28.3 7 39 77

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