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Whether itís the futebol, carnaval, the striking landscapes or the people, everything in Brazil seems larger than life and always colourful. To experience it for yourself, find great deals and cheap flights to Brazil using our flight search engine

Getting there
You wonít have any problems finding cheap flights to Brazil, with many airlines serving the country, from ahe US, UK, Asia and Europe. Many major European airlines, including Air France, Iberia, TAP Portugal and Alitalia, offer flights from their European bases, while British Airways offer direct services from London. Brazilian carrier TAM also flies from London. Once in Brazil, there are a number of domestic carriers operating flights such as TAM and Varig.

The three main international entry points for cheap flights to Brazil are Rio De Janeiro, Sao Paulo and the capital, Brasilia. From these points, domestic connections can be made to most regions.

When to go
Brazil really is a year-round destination. Obviously, itís gigantic proportions means there are some regional differences in temperatures, with the southern area experiencing something that resembles a cool period, but by in large, youíll encounter warm weather when you take cheap flights to Brazil Summer in Rio, with the hottest conditions, is December and January.

There can be few more exciting destinations in the world than Brazil. Despite its vastness, you can be absolutely sure of packing in some concentrated action, particularly during the carnival in Rio. Once youíre finished there then head off to the jungle or just hit the beaches.

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