Cheap flights to Denmark


It inspired Hans Christian Andersen and Denmark’s pretty countryside, dotted with quaint villages, should provide a fairytale scene for anyone who enjoys tranquillity. But be sure to throw in cosmopolitan Copenhagen. To experience it for yourself, find great deals and cheap flights to Denmark using our flight search engine.

Getting there
Denmark is well connected with the rest of Europe, the UK, the US and some the Far East. Cheap flights to Denmark are operated by a number of airlines and direct flights from United Kingdom airports including, London, Birmingham, Manchester and Aberdeen, to Copenhagen are commonplace. Airlines operating direct flights include British Airways, bmi and SAS – the major Scandinavian airline. Other European airlines, such as KLM and Lufthansa, offer non-direct services from UK airports.

Copenhagen’s award-winning international airport is the main entry point for cheap flights to Denmark. From Copenhagen, the rest of country can be reached by bus or train.

When to go
While crisp winter days hold a certain appeal, it’s probably a good idea to book your cheap flights to Denmark for the summer months, when the countryside and Copenhagen’s myriad of bars are at their very best.

Denmark’s intriguing dichotomy of chic and quaint provides visitors with a fantastic contrast to grapple with. Progressive and trendy Copenhagen caters to shoppers, partygoers and those fascinated by the arts, culture and history; while the countryside has managed to retain much of its old-world feel. What’s more, Denmark really is so close.

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