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Karaoke, bullet trains, geishas and love hotels – there’s nowhere in the world quite like the Land of the Rising Sun. To discover this fascinating destination for yourself, use our search tool to find cheap flights to Japan.

Getting there
Finding cheap flights to Japan may not be as difficult as you expect, as the country is served by a range of airlines. British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Japan Airlines (JAL) and All Nippon operate direct flights from London to Tokyo, and JAL also has direct links between London and Osaka. A busy Far East Asian network means it may also be possible to find cheap flights to Japan from Bangkok, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and close to a dozen Chinese cities.

Japan’s most important intercontinental airports are Narita (NRT) near Tokyo and Kansai (KIX) near Osaka. Chubu (NGO) near Nagoya also handles some international flights. If you’re heading to regional cities it might be easier to find cheap flights to Japan by flying via Seoul with Asiana Airlines or Korean Air.

When to go
Spring and autumn are generally considered best, but there’s a reason to visit Japan in any season. In spring (March to May) the plum and cherry blossoms bathe the country in pink. In summer (June to August), a wet start yields to hot and humid conditions. An array of regional festivals are held in autumn, while winters are an opportunity to try the excellent ski resorts in Hokkaido and northern Honshu island. Don’t bank on finding cheap flights to Japan from around 28 December to 4 January, as New Year is a bit like the Japanese Christmas.

An almost impossible fusion of ancient and modern, Japan is 100 per cent guaranteed to be a cultural eye-opener. Tuck into fantastic sushi and sashimi, visit the Nikko temple complex amid a huge cedar forest, climb through the dawn mist up Mt Fuji, and watch a sumo basho (tournament) - or, then again, simply stock up on mindblowing electronics equipment…

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Jan 8.3 6 48 63
Feb 8.9 5.9 73 63
Mar 12.2 5.7 101 59
Apr 17.2 6 135 63
May 21.7 6.2 131 63
Jun 24.4 5 182 69
Jul 28.3 5.8 146 68
Aug 30 6.6 147 70
Sep 21.1 4.5 217 97
Oct 20.6 4.4 220 68
Nov 15.6 4.8 101 64
Dec 11.1 5.5 61 61

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