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Laos is one of the most intriguing and least developed countries of Southeast Asia, with a diverse landscape of mountains and fertile lowlands. To experience it for yourself, find great deals and cheap flights to Laos using the search tool on the right.

Getting there
Cheap flights to Laos operate from Bangkok and Chiang Mai in Thailand, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) in Vietnam, Phnom Penh in Cambodia, Yangon (Rangoon) in Myanmar (Burma) and Kunming in China. Airlines from the UK which may offer cheap flights to Laos include: - British Airways - KLM - Qantas Airways - Philippine Airlines

All international cheap flights to Laos land at Vientiane Wattay International (VTE).

When to go
Cheap flights to Laos are best booked early. The monsoon cycle has two distinct seasons: May to October is rainy, while November to April is dry.

Laos is country largely undeveloped and therefore of great interest to visitors seeking the mysterious. From the stunning Pak Ou Buddha-filled caves cut into a limestone cliff, to the Plain of Jars, a large area around Phonsavan where huge jars of unknown origin have been scattered, Laos is bound to stagger and confound.

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