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Blessed with golden beaches and idyllic islands, Malaysia is one of the most relaxing and hassle-free countries to visit in Southeast Asia. To experience it for yourself, find great deals and cheap flights to Malaysia using the search tool on the right.

Getting there
Malaysia is well-connected by air to the rest of the world. Airlines offering cheap flights to Malaysia may include: - Emirates - Qatar Airways - Malaysia Airlines - Cathay Pacific - KLM

Most international cheap flights to Malaysia land at Kuala Lumpar International (KUL).

When to go
The best time to go is between April and September. Cheap flights to Malaysia are often available at the end of March. The worst time to go is during the monsoon season which is roughly between October and February. The east side tends to be affected worst be the rains however, while the west coast is generally rainy between September and December. Rain, however, rarely lasts all day, falling in sort, sharp bursts.

Malaysia's landscape, mirrors it people and culture, in its diversity. For the adventurer it offers packed jungles, steep peaks and lush green rainforests; for the beach bum there are white sandy beaches and warm coral seas. Orang-utans and the world's oldest rainforest are just some of the treats available to the visitor.

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Weather in Malaysia

daily avg.
Rainfall Humidity
Jan 31.7 6 158 57
Feb 32.2 7 201 58
Mar 32.8 7 259 58
Apr 32.2 6 292 62
May 32.2 6 224 62
Jun 32.2 7 130 60
Jul 31.7 7.1 99 59
Aug 31.7 6.1 163 59
Sep 31.7 6 218 61
Oct 31.7 5 249 61
Nov 31.1 5 259 63
Dec 31.1 4.8 191 61

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