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Just south of Sicily, the Maltese archipelago are a mixture of Renaissance cathedrals, baroque palaces, cobbled streets, fishing villages and beaches. To experience it for yourself, find great deals and cheap flights to Malta using our flight search tool.

Getting there
Mainland Europe has excellent access to Malta via air. Air Malta runs cheap flights to Malta between the main island and a host of European cities. It also operates flights between Malta and Cairo, Dubai, Damascus and Tunis. Other carriers running cheap flights to Malta may include: - Alitalia - KLM - Lufthansa - Swissair - Tuninker

All international cheap flights to Malta land in Malta International (MLA), still referred to by locals as Luqa.

When to go
Cheap flights to Malta are often available from February to June. This is the best time to visit Malta, as it is between the wetter season and the hot Mediterranean summer. Room rates also drop by as much as 40% from their June to August high. Cheap flights may also be available between September and October.

The islands' mysterious past means visitors can retrace the steps pf St Paul and the Knights of St John. The islands' lively fiestas and unique way of life make the Maltese islands a must.

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Jan 14.4 5.5 90 76
Feb 14.7 6.3 60 75
Mar 16.1 7.3 39 73
Apr 18.3 8.8 15 72
May 21.6 9.8 12 70
Jun 25.9 11.5 2 67
Jul 28.9 12.5 0 67
Aug 29.3 11.4 8 69
Sep 27.1 9.4 29 72
Oct 23.8 7.5 63 74
Nov 19.7 5.7 91 77
Dec 16.1 5 110 77

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