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Amazing dune landscapes, adventure sports, a vast canyon and rich wildlife all run riot within the Namibian borders. To discover this natural splendour for yourself, use our search tool to find cheap flights to Namibia.

Getting there
Currently, the only airline offering direct cheap flights to Namibia from the UK (London to Windhoek) is Air Namibia. Other carriers such as Lufthansa, British Airways, South African Airways, BMI and Virgin Atlantic will go via Frankfurt or Johannesburg.

The international airport is Hosea Kutako (WDH), about 45 minutes’ drive from Windhoek. Also near Windhoek, Eros (ERS) handles flights from Cape Town. You may also be able to find other cheap flights to Namibia from cities in South Africa.

When to go
On the whole, the busiest time is the summer (November to April), and you may find it easiest to find cheap flights to Namibia outside of these months. At Etosha National Park, the main draw for wildlife lovers, the best time to view game is during the cooler, dry months between May and September. The interior gets summer rain – with very hot temperatures in January and February – and cold nights in winter. The coastal strip, cooled by the cold Benguela current, is prone to fog year-round.

The Fish River Canyon is considered second only in size to the Grand – and if you’re really brave you can hike 86km into (and out of) it. The Sossusvlei dunelands are a a spectacular sight (and if you’re really brave you can sandboard other dunes). Eyeball big cats, elephants, hyenas and elephants at Etosha Pan.

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Weather in Namibia

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Rainfall Humidity
Jan 29 8.8 76 48
Feb 28 9.5 74 48
Mar 27 7.9 79 48
Apr 25 9 41 47
May 22 10 8 43
Jun 20 10 0 43
Jul 20 10.1 0 40
Aug 23 10.8 0 38
Sep 25 10.1 3 44
Oct 29 10.2 10 43
Nov 29 10.5 23 43
Dec 30 10 48 46

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