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With the largest landmass in the world, spanning Europe and Asia, Russia is a country of snow, harsh winters, meandering rivers and long midsummer nights. To experience it for yourself, find great deals and cheap flights to Russia using our flight search engine.

Getting there
Daily cheap flights to Russia operate from all major European capitals and New York, as well as from Hong Kong and other Asian cities. Moscow and St Petersburg are the main hubs for international flights.

Most international cheap flights to Russia land in either Moscow Sheremetyevo International (SVO) or St Petersberg Pulkovo (LED).

When to go
Cheap flights to Russia can be purchased year-round. There is no particular best time to go, although in spring (May through to June) the weather is pleasant. In winter (December through to April) visitors can enjoy snowy views of the Russian countryside.

St Petersburg - dubbed the Venice of the north - for its inter-cutting waterways and palaces is a large pull for those seeking some Russian culture in a tranquil setting. The Trans-Siberian railway makes for varied and interesting travelling through the largest country (landmass-wise) on the planet. From Irkutsk to the Lake Baikal, there is much to see - visitors are encouraged to take a good paperback. Sit back and enjoy.

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Weather in Russia

daily avg.
Rainfall Humidity
Jan -9.3 1 31 57
Feb -5.7 2.1 28 54
Mar 0.1 3.6 33 55
Apr 10.2 5.4 35 54
May 18.7 7.8 52 49
Jun 21 8.5 67 51
Jul 22.8 8.3 74 54
Aug 22 7 74 53
Sep 16.3 4.5 58 55
Oct 9 2.4 51 66
Nov 1.5 1.1 36 70
Dec -4.5 0.6 36 69

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