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This prosperous island-state, a mere 700 square kilometres in area, nonetheless boasts plenty of shopping, sights and a hotpot of cultures. To experience it for yourself, use our search tool to find cheap flights to Singapore.

Getting there
Singapore is an south-east Asian aviation hub, and high competition on routes means itís often possible to find cheap flights to Singapore. Airlines flying direct from the UK from London include BA, Qantas, Singapore Airlines, Virgin Atlantic and Air New Zealand. You can also find cheap flights to Singapore direct from other Asian centres such as Beijing, Hanoi, Jakarta, Seoul and Tokyo.

There are two airports on the island, Changi (SIN) where most international cheap flights to Singapore will land, and Seletar (XSP) which has services to the Malaysian islands of Redang and Tioman.

When to go
Hot and humid year-round, Singapore has no real seasons, but those who canít take the heat will prefer visiting in December or January when the daily high temperature drops a few degrees to around 26 degrees centigrade. If youíre hoping to find cheap flights to Singapore, major festivals such as Chinese New Year and the Hindu festival of lights (Dipawali) may impact availability.

Singapore offers a fantastic smorgasbord of food, from Chinese flavours in Chinatown, Indian delicacies in Little India, and an overload of seafood on the East Coast. If the three artificial beaches at Sentosa donít take your fancy, the cable car ride to the island might, or you can simply spend days shopping on Orchard Road. For nature and wildlife, thereís the Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and Bird Park.

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Weather in Singapore

daily avg.
Rainfall Humidity
Jan 30 5 251 65
Feb 31.1 6.4 173 63
Mar 31.1 6.1 193 66
Apr 31.1 5.9 188 68
May 31.7 5.9 173 68
Jun 31.1 6.1 173 70
Jul 31.1 6.3 170 68
Aug 30.6 6 196 70
Sep 30.6 5.5 178 68
Oct 30.6 5.2 208 68
Nov 30.6 4.7 254 65
Dec 30.6 4.6 256 65

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