Cheap flights to Slovenia


Growing in tourism popularity since its split from Yugoslavia in 1991, Slovenia is surprisingly diverse, from its sandy Med beaches to the majestic Julian Alps. To discover it for yourself, use our travel search tool to find cheap flights to Slovenia.

Getting there
Slovenia’s national carrier, Adria Airways, has direct air links between Ljubljana (the capital) and London and Manchester – as well as a number of other European destination including Paris, Zurich, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Istanbul, Munich, Frankfurt and Vienna. You may also find cheap flights to Slovenia from no-frills carriers.

The key airport is Ljubljana (LJU) about 25km north of the capital, where most cheap flights to Slovenia will arrive. You could also fly into Trieste (TRS) airport in Italy, and journey by super-highway for about an hour to Ljubljana.

When to go
Slovenia’s climate varies with the terrain. The coast enjoys a Mediterranean climate of mild, wet winters and warm, dry summers. In the plateaus and valleys to the east, cold winters and warm, wet summers are typical. Summers are busiest, when travellers should book cheap flights to Slovenia and reserve accommodation in tourist areas in advance.

Visit the fairytale baroque church on the isle in the middle of tranquil Lake Bled, and relax at Terme Catez spa resort in a picturesque region speckled with monasteries and castles. Hop, skip and jump along the sparkling Adriatic coast sampling its historic towns.

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