Cheap flights to St Kitts

St Kitts

With coastlines shaped liked a baseball bat and ball, St Kitts and Nevis are both volcanic islands in Caribbean with a vast array of tropical scenery and wildlife. To experience it for yourself, find great deals and cheap flights to St Kitts using our flight search tool.

Getting there
Cheap flights to St Kitts are available from San Juan, American Airlines and Caribbean Sun, as well as through British Virgin Islands/Tortola. American Airlines also has weekend flights from Miami, and US Airways has direct flights from Philadelphia. From the UK: Golden Caribbean provide a weekly charter service to St Kitts on a Saturday from London Gatwick.

All cheap flights to St Kitts will land at Robert Llewellyn Bradshaw International (SKB).

When to go
Cheap flight to St Kitts are easy to come by in the hurricane (and rainy) season from July to November, but not desirable. The dry season is between February and May/June. Those seeking cheap flights to St Kitts should book well in advance.

With its dramatic central mountains, lush tropical vegetation, collection of wild and rare birds and expanse of white beaches, St Kitts and Nevis make for an incredible Caribbean destination.

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