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Jostling with wildlife, Tanzania is a superb country to visit for finding the big five on safari or simply taking in incredible African landscapes. Experience it for yourself by finding cheap flights to Tanzania using our flight search tool.

Getting there
British Airways and KLM offer frequent air services to the capital, Dar es Salaam. Other airlines that may offer cheap flights to Tanzania are Emirates, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenyan Airlines, Qatar Airways, South African Airways, Swiss and Virgin.

The country is served by two major airports: Dar Es Salaam (DAR) and Kiliminjaro (JRO). For Zanzibar, search for cheap flight to Tanzania landing at Dar es Salaam, as you can take a ferry and catamaran service to the island from there.

When to go
The peak tourist months are November to March – book early for travel in these months if you’re hoping to snap up cheap flights to Tanzania. Another busy period is June to September for the animal migration across the Serengeti. It’s wettest from April to June when some camps close. The popular island of Zanzibar is warm year-round but has the most rain in April and May.

Dipping down the Ngorongoro Crater’s steep sides, cradling a wide variety of contented wildlife, is one of Africa’s most special experiences. Getting within a few metres of lions in the Serengeti, or hearing warthogs scuttle past your tent camp at night, is another. Zanzibar, the "spice island", is as exotic and captivating as its name suggests.

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Weather in Tanzania

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Rainfall Humidity
Jan 29.4 8.1 150 51
Feb 27.8 8.6 102 56
Mar 28.9 7 130 51
Apr 28.3 5.2 50 51
May 27.8 6.2 6 49
Jun 28.9 7.7 1 40
Jul 26.7 8.1 0 42
Aug 27.2 7.8 0 44
Sep 28.9 8.1 2 45
Oct 30.6 8.2 5 45
Nov 31.7 9 22 45
Dec 30.6 8.6 96 50

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