Cheap flights to The Bahamas

As far as Caribbean tropical paradises go, the 700 islands of the Bahamas archipelago tick most boxes. To experience it for yourself, find great deals and cheap flights to the Bahamas using our flight search engine.

Getting there
The Bahamas is easily accessible from the UK, Europe and United States, with a number of airlines servicing the route. From the UK, British Airways offer direct cheap flights to the Bahamas but many airlines from the United States provide non-direct services including American Airlines, Continental Airlines and Delta. Smaller airlines will connect you to the island on which you are staying.

While there are a significant number of smaller airports throughout the islands, most cheap flights to the Bahamas from the UK will arrive in Nassau (NAS).

When to go
If you like it really hot then the best time to pay a visit to the Bahamas is between May and October; however, you may have to contend with slightly more rainfall. March, April and November, December generally offers pleasant temperatures if you donít feel like baking. To get the best deal and your share of the beach make sure you book your cheap flights to the Bahamas well in advance.

The Bahamas is quintessentially Caribbean but with a glitzy edge. Youíll find the golden beaches, sparkling azure waters and Calypso charm, but thereís also a world of glitz and glamour with sophisticated casinos and a thriving night scene.

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