Cheap flights to Trinidad and Tobago

Off the Venezuelan coast, these two islands provide a magical Caribbean panorama, boasting rainforests, beaches and a coral reef. To experience them for yourself, find cheap flights to Trinidad and Tobago using the search tool on the right.

Getting there
The main carriers offering cheap flights to Trinidad and Tobago include: - Virgin Atlantic - British Airways - British West Indian Airways (BWIA) - American Airlines Flights to Trinidad and Tobago also operate between the two islands and the rest of the Caribbean. LIAT and Trinidad-based BWIA are the main air carriers offering inter-island flights.

Tobago's Crown Point International (TAB) and Trinidad's Piarco International (POS) are the airports where all cheap flights to Trinidad and Tobago land.

When to go
The dry season runs from December to May, with the season peaking around February when many fly into Trinidad for the carnival. June to August tend to be avoided as they are the wettest months. Those seeking cheap flights to Trinidad and Tobago may find September a good time to go, when the country experiences an Indian summer, an unusual dry spell known as Petit Carem.

Sheltered by palms, the white, sandy beaches and turquoise seas of Tobago are dreamy. Visitors to this tiny island are recommended to take a glass-bottomed boat off Pigeon Point and go swimming by the Buccoo coral reef.

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