Cheap flights to Tunisia


Famous for its lunar-like landscapes used as a set in the filming of Star Wars, Tunisia is an exotic a destination as you could hope for. Find cheap flights to Tunisia with our flight search tool to discover its charms for yourself.

Getting there
Tunisia’s national carrier is Tunisair, with a route network covering Europe, the Middle East and northern and western Africa. Direct links from Tunis include London, Paris, Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, Milan, Berlin, Prague, Istanbul, Cairo and Dubai. From the UK, other carriers which may offer indirect cheap flights to Tunisia are British Airways, Air France, Alitalia, Lufthansa and Iberia.

Carthage International (TUN) near the capital of Tunis is the main international airport, welcoming most scheduled cheap flights to Tunisia. Other international flights may land at Monastir (MIR) and Djerba Melita (DJE).

When to go
Tunisia has a typical Mediterranean climate with mild, wet winters (December to February) and hot, dry summers (June to August). Book your travel reasonably early if you’re hoping to snap up cheap flights to Tunisia during the summer peak season.

Despite being 40 per cent desert, Tunisia has an overload of sights and experiences. Explore oases villages in its southern parts, wander the ancient Roman city of Carthage, ride a camel or simply loll on a soft Med beach.

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