Cheap flights to Uganda


Coined the "Pearl of Africa" by Winston Churchill, Uganda's beautiful scenery, mountains and wildlife contribute to its picturesque reputation. To experience it for yourself, find great deals and cheap flights to Uganda using our flight search engine.

Getting there
Direct flights to and from Johannesburg run three days a week. There are also direct flights to and from London every other day. Emirates offers cheap flights from Entebbe, Uganda's main international airport, to Dubai via Nairobi and Addis Ababa with onward connections to Europe, N. America, and Asia. Kenya Airways and KLM fly daily from Entebbe to Amsterdam either via Nairobi or direct. There are also cheap flights to Uganda available from Rwanda and Tanzania.

Entebbe is the main hub for cheap flights to Uganda. Cheap flights to the rest of Africa are available from here.

When to go
The best time to get cheap flights to Uganda is a matter of timing. December to February is the hottest period, with cooler temperatures in the mountains. June to September is equally good, and may offer better chances of cheap flights to Uganda. March to May and October to November are best avoided as they are the rainy seasons in the south.

With vast National Parks, trekking opportunities and the possibility of sighting the highly endangered mountain gorilla, Uganda offers many attractions to visitors. The source of the Nile is also here.

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