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Vietnam is one of Asia’s most charming destinations, boasting soft beaches, emerald rice paddies, lush river deltas and exotic, bustling cities. To experience it for yourself, find top-notch travel deals and cheap flights to Vietnam using our search engine.

Getting there
There are currently no direct flights from the UK, and travellers looking for cheap flights to Vietnam will probably need to go via Bangkok, Singapore, Tokyo or Taipei. Airlines operating a service from the UK include British Airways, Air France, Qantas, Thai Airways, Cathay Pacific, KLM and China Airlines.

All cheap flights to Vietnam from the UK fly into one of three international airports: Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) in the south; Da Nang (DAD) in the central region; and Hanoi Noi Bai (HAN) in the north.

When to go
The peak holiday season for local tourists is July and August, plus there’s another peak from November to April. You may find it’s easier getting cheap flights to Vietnam in the “shoulder seasons” from April to June and September to November, although to some extend this depends on which part you’re going to. Climate conditions vary considerably between the north, south, central and Highlands regions – and this includes when the rainy season sweeps in – so do your research before booking your flights to Vietnam.

Explore your pick of 3,000 islands in Halong Bay in the Gulf of Tonkin. Stroll along the 30km-long palm-lined Cua Dai beach all the way to Da Nang. Or hang out in Hanoi, soaking up fantastic food and chaotic nightlife.

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Weather in Vietnam

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Rainfall Humidity
Jan 18.9 1.4 18 75
Feb 19.4 1.4 28 79
Mar 22.2 1.3 38 79
Apr 26.7 2.2 81 74
May 30.6 4.2 196 72
Jun 32.2 5 239 73
Jul 32.2 4.8 323 73
Aug 31.7 4.2 343 75
Sep 30.6 4.3 254 75
Oct 27.8 4.2 99 74
Nov 24.4 3.2 43 72
Dec 21.1 2.1 20 71

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