Cheap flights to Zambia


Boasting over a dozen national parks, Zambia is the place to go for nature and wildlife, as well as the phenomenal “smoke that thunders’”– Victoria Falls. To experience the country for yourself, find excellent deals and cheap flights to Zambia using our search engine.

Getting there
British Airways, Air France and KLM run frequent services with the capital, Lusaka, and may be your best bets for finding cheap flights to Zambia. Alternatively, you may be able to put together your own cheap flights to Zambia by flying into Johannesburg and taking a low-cost carrier from there.

African carriers serving the country include Ethiopian Airways, Kenya Airways and Air Zimbabwe, and these may also provide cheap flights to Zambia if you are flying from within the continent. In addition, Zambian Airways has links with Malawi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

When to go
The best time to visit Zambia is between April and September (the dry season) when conditions are not too hot (as in September to November) nor too wet (December to April). The earlier part of the dry season is best for birdwatching and gazing at Victoria Falls, and the latter part for going on safari. Book in advance if you’re hoping for cheap flights to Zambia during this period.

South Luangwa Park is considered one of the greatest wildlife sanctuaries in the world, roamed by hippos, crocs, elephants, lions and many species of buck. Zambia also puts on some fantastic cultural festivals throughout the year.

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