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If you’re looking for a low–cost, last–minute flight to Cyprus, take a look at our Late deals or use the search tool on the right. Simply enter the days you wish to travel.

Boasting a sunny, Mediterranean climate, Cyprus is an ideal destination for last-minute flights at any time of year.

Ten handy facts about Cyprus

  1. Cyprus enjoys more than 300 days of sunshine each year.
  2. Cyprus is the third largest island on the Mediterranean.
  3. Many interesting historical figures have resided here including Alexander the Great and Cleopatra, who was given Cyprus as a gift from her lover Mark Antony.
  4. Cyprus hosts one of the world’s most impressive archaeological sites – the ancient city kingdom of Kourion.
  5. Cyprus is a leading spa destination and has rejuvenating state of the art Thalassotherapy spas, which use the invigorating properties of seawater, mud and algae.
  6. It became part of the British Empire in 1878 and the Republic of Cyprus achieved independence in 1960.
  7. Cyprus is one of the top cruising destinations in the Mediterranean.
  8. Road signs are in both Greek and English and driving is on the left.
  9. The island’s area is 9,251 sq km (3,572 sq m).
  10. Cyprus has 840km of coastline.
  11. Greek and Turkish are the main languages although English is spoken in tourist areas.

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