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Czech Republic

Although the Czech Republic only came into being in 1993 when it split from Slovakia following the end of communist rule, the country itself has a long and rich history.

Book a low–cost, last–minute flight to the Czech Republic and experience a variety of architectural styles and beautifully–preserved buildings. Prague attracts most international visitors but there are many other cities and towns through out the country which are equally steeped in history.

?eský Krumlov, in South Bohemia, is a small city crowded with cultural treasures. Most of the buildings in the old town date from between the 14th and 17th centuries and are Baroque, Gothic and Renaissance.

The huge castle complex comprises more than 40 historic buildings including the Baroque Theatre, a unique building of international importance. It retains its original complex wooden machinery and ropes used to create special effects; cutting edge for the 18th century and still impressive today. It holds only one performance a year, a candlelit Baroque opera.

Quaint, historic towns are scattered through the Czech countryside, itself beautiful and varied. Alpine mountains, rolling hills, forests, farmland and rivers; the Czech Republic has a range of different ecosystems that not only provide impressive scenery but a range of outdoor activities including skiing, mountain biking, white water rafting, hill walking, horse riding and bird watching.

If you like your pleasures in the fresh air then the Czech Republic is the country for you.

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