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Cheap flights to Egypt


Find cheap flights to Egypt and travel to a country littered with a fascinating and ancient history. It's not only the 100 or more pyramids that tell of opulent days gone by but temples, mosques, churches and the relics of Egyptian Pharaohs.

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When you arrive, how about visiting Mount Sinai, also known as Jabal Musa and Mount Moses? It's the site of Saint Catherine's Monastery, home to what is said to be Moses' burning bush from the Old Testament.

Modern Egypt

Booking one of our cheap flights to Egypt will mean you no longer have to postpone that dream holiday. In no time at all you'll be out of the office and able to enjoy Egypt for what it truly is today - a thriving, modern Arabic country, rich with a tradition or Middle Eastern music, art and food.

Egypt sits as a bridge between different worlds. It is ancient and modern, straddling both Africa and Asia - and its rich and varied culture reflects this diversity.

The majority of Egyptians live along the banks of the Nile and many of the country's attractions are spread along this route. The mighty river isn't the only natural wonder of Egypt, however. The remote desolation of the Western Desert, the jagged peaks of the Sinai and the underwater paradise of the Red Sea are also uniquely beautiful in their own right.

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