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Faro is the capital of the Algarve, the region of Portugal that borders the Mediterranean sea. It’s and a popular holiday destination with world-class beaches and a hinterland that is dotted with picturesque villages.

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About Faro

Faro itself is an ancient town that has seen both Roman and Moorish occupations. Parts of the original Roman city walls can still be seen, although much of the Old Town’s architecture dates from the 18th century.

Much of Faro’s nightlife can be found in the narrow streets in the heart of the city. Rua do Prior and the alleys that run off Rua Conselheiro are packed with an assortment of bars, cafés, restaurants and nightclubs.

Away from the city there is a choice of coastline or countryside. Faro sits on the edge of a large lagoon, the Rio Formosa National Park, a haven for birdlife. Inland there are several interesting and pretty villages dotted around between vineyards and orchards of orange and almond trees.

The Algarve’s 150km coastline is littered with beautiful beaches, limestone caves and grottoes. Although there has been much tourism development, it’s still possible to find yourself alone on a stretch of sand with nothing but the sun for company.

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