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Cheap flights to Ireland


Ireland has lush rolling countryside, friendly people, a unique culture and a stunning coastline. If you're interested in buying cheap flights to Ireland, simply use the flight search box on the right.

Cheap flights to Ireland can take you to a country full of both urban and rural pleasures. Whether it's the throbbing nightlife of Dublin, the verdant countryside or the country's many sporting opportunities, Ireland has something for everyone.

Sporting paradise

If you love sport, cheap flights to Ireland are an invitation to play. The Emerald Isle is one of the world's top golf destinations. There are many excellent golf courses, some of international standard set in stunning Irish scenery.

The Irish are famous for their love of horses and there can be few places more exhilarating to ride than galloping along a deserted Irish beach. There are plenty of places where you can ride. Most stables have mounts suitable for both beginners and expert riders and many offer either day rides or organised cross-country treks.

Ireland is a mecca for fishing with an abundance of rivers, lakes and coastline perfect for course, sea or fly. If you're an expert, you'll find the perfect spot to fish just the way you like and numerous shops offering equipment and advice. If you have never tried the sport before, this is an ideal country to learn in as there are many places where you can get professional instruction before setting out to cast for the first time.

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