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Opodo can help you find cheap air fare tickets or discount airlines to Italy. Why not visit Florence or Pisa? Both destinations are good starting points to explore the stunning Tuscan countryside with its fields of sunflowers, verdant hills and cornflower-blue skies.

Many travellers can't resist stopping at San Gimignano, a tiny hilltop town with amazing 11th century and 13th century towers overlooking the Elsa Valley. It's awash with Renaissance frescoes, quaint cobbles and art galleries on the narrow streets that lead up to a very pretty central square.

Or you may like to visit Siena and its magnificent Piazza del Campo, a shell-shaped piazza where the breathtaking Palio horserace is held with daredevil riders from the various contrade (districts) of the city. When the horses aren't racing, you can saunter around the streets near Il Campo, which are dotted with glamorous boutiques.

While you're enjoying the Tuscan sights, remember the small neighbourhood bars in the backstreets are often a lot cheaper and more fun than the touristy eateries. You might even be tempted to try the apertivo of the house before dinner or alongside a quick snack of some wonderful crostino topped with delicious Tuscan chicken liver pate.

Of course, Tuscany is just one of Italy's beautiful regions. If you can't wait to savour those Italian flavours, use our flight search on the right of this page and start looking for cheap air fare tickets or discount airlines today.

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