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Cheap flights to Nigeria


Cheap flights to Nigeria take you to a vibrant country with a diverse culture; there are around 250 different ethnic groups living in this West African country, not to mention a large expatriate community.

Nigeria can be roughly divided into two predominant areas, the north is largely Muslim while the south is Christian. Nigeria also has one of the world's fastest-growing cities, Lagos.

If you're thinking of getting cheap flights to Nigeria it is worth considering your itinerary carefully, as it is a large country and getting around it can be difficult. Some of the internal airlines have a questionable safety and maintenance record so the best option is to use an international carrier to get from one city to another. Travel by road can often be slow due to frequent and often deep potholes in the road.

Nigeria does have a reputation for crime and corruption. For this reason, travellers should be aware that it is not always the easiest country to experience, especially in it's busiest urban areas.

Nigeria has a cash culture and the use of credit cards is not widespread, whilst certain areas are subject to social tensions and unrest.

Despite this, Nigeria holds many treasures such as the World Heritage Sites, the Osun Sacred Forest and the centuries old Sukur Cultural Landscape.

A more modern flavour of Nigerian life can be found in its original, thriving music. There is a profusion of live gigs and dance clubs in many Nigerian cities.

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