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Cheap flights to Portugal


Escape to one of Europe's best climates by finding cheap flights to Portugal, where you can expect clear skies and temperatures in the 30s in the summer months. Even in the winter coastal temperatures rarely fall below 5C.

Cheap flights to Portugal are ideal for sun seekers as the country has many wonderful beaches dotted along it’s 900km coastline. The most famous are in the Algarve - there have been a lot of tourism developments built in this region, so the beaches here can be lively and bustling.

Not all beaches are busy, however; it’s still possible to find yourself on a beautiful beach with virtually no one else around. The Atlantic coast beaches tend to be far less busy. Costa de Prata between Lisbon and Porto has long sandy beaches, whereas Costa de Verdes north of Porto has many secluded spots.

The climate, the coast and the landscape all give Portugal rich pickings in terms of food, whether it’s fresh–caught fish, olives or tomatoes. Many ingredients, like peppers, ginger coriander and paprika, were actually introduced to Europe’s tables by the Portuguese traders of the middle ages. And of course, for those of us that like a tipple, there’s also the Port.

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