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Get cheap flights to Prague


Find cheap flights to Prague and open up a world of diverse pleasures. Entertainment in the city ranges from the courtly to the bawdy.

Whether your penchant is a rendition of Mozart's Don Giovanni or a large Czech beer and boisterous conversation, Prague can accommodate.

Classical Music

Cheap flights to Prague are a ticket to a city where classical music is alive and well. The Czech Philharmonic plays regular concerts as do the Prague Symphony Orchestra.

The stunning National Theatre hosts opera and ballet as well as drama productions. There are chamber ensembles playing in beautiful old buildings and churches throughout the city and outdoor concerts too.

Each spring and autumn, Prague is alive with the strains of classical music when it hosts its biannual classical music festivals.


The Czechs are famous for their beer. Beer production is part of their national heritage. They are reputed to drink more of the stuff per head of population, than any other country in the world. In the 13th century, King Wencelas managed to convince the Pope to overturn a ban on beer brewing, possibly why the Czechs considered him such a good king.

The small U Fleku brewery and pub in Prague started producing beer in 1499 and it’s still pumping it out today. It’s by no means the only pub in Prague, and even if your reason for buying cheap flights to Prague wasn’t driven by a desire to drink, slipping inside for a quick glass gives a great insight into how the people of Prague relax.

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