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If you are searching for cheap flights to Tokyo, simply use the search box on the right. Otherwise here is a great list of Tokyo sights:
  • Shibuya - shopping and eating district that makes Leicester Square look like a ghost town.
  • Sanrio Puroland - Japanese Amusement Park that is home to more Hello Kitty's than you would think possible
  • Imperial Palace - Famous mainly for it's serene gardens that provide a respite from the bustle of New Tokyo
  • Hakone - Hot springs with stunning views of Mt Fuji

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  •´ll marvel at the vast shopping wonderland of Ginza; the incredible energy of East-meets-West Shinjuku; the array of fabulous museums in Ueno; the thronged Buddhist temple area in Asakusa; the clubbing hub of Roppongi; and the heaving activity at waterfront Tsukiji, one of the biggest fish markets in the world.

    Dipping or diving into quintessential aspects of Japanese life is vital to getting the most out of Tokyo, whether you choose to watch sumo wrestling and kabuki theatre, practise zen meditation or the art of ikebana (flower arranging), visit bonsai gardens, ogle electronics shop windows, or just hang out in a yakitori-ya (pub). And yes, if you must,

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