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A warm, hospitable and friendly country, Thailand has even more to offer travellers than its world–renowned beaches and the wonderful hubbub of Bangkok.

For starters, there’s the ancient sites at Khorat, the Buddhist shrines and antiquities in Chiang Rai province and the quaint fishing villages of Chanthaburi.

Bordering Malaysia, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia, Thailand can roughly be divided into four main natural regions. Verdant forests and mountains are in the north, the north–east plateau tends to be farming country, rice fields dominate the Central Plains, while the south has many tropical islands along its attractive coastline.

When to visit?

If you are searching for cheap air fare tickets or discount airlines to Thailand, you may want to consider the climate at your time of travel. Thailand has a tropical climate, with three separate seasons. The coolest time is November to January, then it’s dry and hot from February to May becoming rainier with sunshine from June to October.

Need to know?

Airline flights to Bangkok from London take about 12 hours. Thailand is 7 hours ahead of GMT and the national currency is the Thai baht (100 satang make 1 baht).

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