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Thailand has long wooed the traveller with exotic tastes, amazing scenery, deep spirituality and intricate temple structures. We can help you locate cheap flights to Thailand and accommodation, giving you some excellent choices for your Thailand holiday arrangements.

Bangkok, the political, cultural and economic centre of the country is often the first spot that travellers visit in Thailand. But there’s so much more to see if you really want to make use of your cheap flights to Thailand.

Head around 160km south of Bangkok to Phetchburi (or Muang Petch) and see the stunning temples of this ancient city, previously a Royal Fort Town. If you go approximately 130km west of Bangkok you’ll come across the caves, waterfalls and picturesque forests of the Kanchanaburi region.

If Buddhism appeals to you, travel 630kn north–east of Bangkok to arrive at the district of Ubon Ratchathani, a place of pilgrimage. Here, communities of Buddhist monks live in the forests and the area has a rich folk culture, seen in the silks and handicrafts of the region.

Even further north from Bangkok, Chiang Mai (meaning ‘new city’, although it was actually founded in 1296) has many buildings with Burmese architectural influences, which cleverly nestle amongst the structures of the modern city.

Gardeners will also love the fine examples of the country’s flora and orchid nursery at Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden near Chiang Mai.

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