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Book a low–cost, last–minute flight to Thailand


Spending your lunch hour dreaming of intricately–carved temples, Buddhist shrines, tropical beaches and verdant landscapes? Stop dreaming and get going Opodo can help you book a low–cost, last–minute flight to Thailand today.

Ten handy facts about Thailand

Here are some tips and facts that may be of use when on your last-minute break to Thailand:

  1. Most road signs are written in Thai and English.
  2. Thai people are big on etiquette so why not read up on Thai manners as a courtesy before you go?
  3. The national flower of Thailand is Ratchaphruek, spot its gleaming yellow clusters during the summer months.
  4. Although tap water is clean, bottled water is recommended to drink.
  5. In a fix? The tourist police on 1155 (calls from within Thailand) might be able to help.
  6. It’s easy to travel around the country on inter–city buses (often air-conditioned) or express trains (some with sleeper carriages).
  7. Dress respectfully in the religious shrines.
  8. When Thai people greet each other, they don't usually shake hands, but instead press palms in a gesture called a wai.
  9. If you are lucky enough to be invited to a Thai home for dinner, it is polite to remove your shoes before entering.
  10. Thailand has never been a colony of any Western country in its history.

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