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Meet the Chief Executive Officers of some of the largest airlines in the UK and Ireland. Here’s a few interesting facts to get you started:

>> Four out of the six executives are CEOs for low-cost airlines (Aer Lingus, Easyjet, Flybe, Ryanair)

>> Five of the six are men

>> The CEO with the highest total salary and benefits is Easyjet’s Carolyn McCall

>> Five out of six are in their 50s

>> The list is made up of three Brits, two Irishmen, and one German

Aer Lingus

aer lingus ceo christoph mueller

Christoph Mueller

Age: 50

Nationality: German

CEO since September 2009

Education: MBA from the University of Cologne and  an Advanced Management Program degree from Harvard Business School

Total salary and benefits:  £991,856 (2011 fiscal year)


British Airways

british airways ceo willie walsh

Willie Walsh

Age: 50

Nationality: Irish

CEO since October 2005

Education: Master’s degree in Management and Business Administration from Trinity College in Dublin

Total salary and benefits: £1,191,239 (2011 fiscal year)



ceo easyjet carolyn mccall

Carolyn McCall

Age: 51

Nationality: British

CEO since July 2010

Education: BA in History and Politics from Kent University, and a Masters in Politics from London University

Total salary and benefits:  £1,552,000 (2011 fiscal year)



ceo flybe jim french

Jim French

Age: 59

Nationality: British

CEO since June 2001

Total salary and benefits: £589,548 (2011 fiscal year)



ryanair ceo michael o'leary

Michael O’Leary

Age:  51

Nationality: Irish

CEO since 1993

Education: Bachelor in Economic and Social Studies programme at Trinity College

Total salary and benefits: £1,036,606 (2012 fiscal year)


Virgin Atlantic Airways

virgin atlantic ceo steve ridgway

Steve Ridgway

Age:  61

Nationality: British

CEO since 2001

Education: Economics BSc degree from the University of London

Annual salary: £750,000 (estimated)

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