Hey movie lover! Thinking about travelling to Paris?
If your answer is yes, we are giving you gold: A city guide with the most iconic scenes in the movies. You'll also have a map to guide you to the location of these scenes, hotel options to stay at, a tip on the best time to visit Paris and a few other curiosities any movie buff can appreciate. If Paris wasn't on your agenda, you might just change your mind once you tour the the movies, which will undoubtedly make you daydream of becoming a film noir star!

Iconicsets of Paris

Click on the images to discover how each Paris spots is related in film and let the magic happen!

Café Debussy

  • Inception
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Hotel de Soubise

  • Marie-Antoinette
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Bistrot La Renaissance

  • Inglorious Bastards
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Café des 2 Moulins

  • Amélie
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Opéra National, Palais Garnier

  • Interview with the Vampire
  • Marie Antoinette
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  • Ratatouille
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Where's the action?

Now it’s time to grab the map, create your own movie route and save some dates for the most important cinema events.

Top 3 Hotels

  • Four Seasons Hotel George V
    This is Charlie's hotel in ''French Kiss''. Book a Room
  • Hôtel Saint Jacques
    Some scenes from ''Charade'' with Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant were filmed in this luxury hotel in the Latin quarter of Paris. Book a Room
  • Hotel Regina
    This hotel is a key location in the film ''The Bourne Identity''. Book a Room

Best time to go

  • From April to June
    Nice weather and you'll find flowers in bloom in every garden.
  • Christmas
    The city lights up and is even more beautiful.