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Does your dog suffer from stress? Anxiety? Holiday depression? Do you think he/she needs some well deserved holidays?

If you’ve answered yes to all the questions, we’ve got the solution – FlyingDogs!

[UPDATE: Happy April Fools!]

Opodo’s new service has been tested for a while now, since the end of 2015 in Italy and France to be exact, and it will be officially launched in May 2016. It includes everything your dog needs to have the best vacations of his life.

FlyingDogs 2
Photo via BarkPost

What can you expect from FlyingDogs?

A dedicated and personalised service that will fly and walk your dog to his/her favourite destinations.

  • A walk in Central Park, New York City? We’ve got it.
  • Staying in a luxury hotel in Las Vegas? For sure.
  • Surfing in Hawaii followed by a spa service? Yes!
  • Hiking the Himalayas? Of course.


What else does FlyingDogs offer?

  • An extensive album of “dog selfies” so he can always remember that night in Paris and the walk along the Eiffel Tower, or that romantic gondola ride in Venice.
  • Different activities like jogging every morning in the parks of Amsterdam, surfing, hiking, or enjoying the stunning beaches of southern Portugal.
  • And much more…


The clients interested in this service will have to provide their dogs personal details such as the race, weight, vaccination card and if he (or she) is single or looking for company.

The only thing we can’t promise is that he (or she) will come back alone from his/her holidays!

Do you really love your dog? Let him go on holiday with FlyingDogs!

Trust us – he/she will treasure all the memories from his new holidays and will be asking for more.

Photo by thepupdiary via Instagram
Photo by thepupdiary via Instagram

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