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Italians are somewhat superstitious and are fond of using talismans and objects to protect them of bad luck. In many Italian cities you will find monuments that have been deteriorated because of these strange traditions. But who can can resist superstitions that bring good fortune?

If superstitions are your thing, or you are just curious about them, don’t think twice and head over to Italy! Take Opodo’s virtual tour of the 7 Italian places to practice superstitions:

Trevi Fountain, Rome

Fontana di Trevi Roma
Photo by @laraviolinas via Instagram

Throwing a coin into the Trevi Fountain in Rome will ensure that you will return to the “Eternal City”. The tradition states that you have to close your eyes, turn around and throw the coin over your left shoulder. There’s also an urban legend that states love will find  you if you throw a second coin and you will get married if you throw a third one. The question is, what happens with all of the coins that stock up in the fountain? Well, city workers collect them every morning and donate them to local charities.

Bull at Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, Milan

Toro galleria Vittorio Emanuele
Photo by @joesartorius via Instagram

At the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele you’ll be able to  find a bull mosaic, which is usually surrounded by visitors. The superstition for this mosaic is to place your right heel on the bull and turn three times, clockwise. There are approximately 10.000 people who do this every day, which explains  why the mosaic is restored regularly.

Il Porcellino, Florence

Statua Porcellino Firenze
Photo by @e_manu_ela_ via Instagram

The bronze pig statue is said to bring good luck when visitors put a coin in its mouth. If the coin goes in and falls into the grate below, you will have good luck and will return to Florence. If it doesn’t go in, don’t try again because it is said to bring bad luck! Rubbing the snout of the pig is believed to make women much more fertile. Like the Trevi Fountain, the coins are also used for charity, to support an orphanage.

Statue of Juliet, Verona

Photo by c@hiara.zanin via Instagram

The famous Statue of Juliet is known to help you find your true love. If you touch the right breast of the statue, not only will it help you find a partner, but it’s also believed to help you solve any relationship problems. The statue was made in 1972 by the sculptor Nereo Costantini of Verona, and was placed in the courtyard a few years later.

Metal sculpture of Christopher Colombus, Torino

Medaglione di bronzo Torino
Photo by Turinboy via Flickr

At Turin’s Castello Square you will find a bronze medallion of Christopher Columbus holding a globe. Students believe that if you rub his little finger, you will pass your exams. This is a tradition the sculptor, Dino Somà, would have never imagined!

The Cathedral’s lizards, Pisa

lucertola porta Duomo di Pisa
Photo by Tom Anderson via Flickr

The entrance door of the Cathedral of Pisa has a small sculpture of a lizard and according to tradition, it is said to bring good fortune to anyone who touches it. Students also believe that if they do the “Rito della Lucertola“, a pilgrimage of 100 days and caress the lizard, they will pass all their exams without problems.

The Mulvian Bridge, Rome

Lucchetti su Ponte Milvio a Roma
Photo by @livia.nasi via Instagram

The Ponte Milvio or Mulvian Bridge in Rome was made famous by Federico Moccia’s novel “Three steps above heaven”. In the novel, the main characters hang a padlock in this bridge as a symbol of their love. Since then, a lot of couples around the world have placed padlocks on this bridge with their initials and have thrown the keys to the river to symbolize their eternal union. The tradition has become so famous that some couples have done the same in different bridges around Europe.

Do you know of any other superstitions? Leave us a comment and share them with us!

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