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Whether you’re looking for beach holidays, metropolitan flair or just a sense of luxury. Bahrain is always worth a visit!

What’s not to be missed in Bahrain:

Manama Souk

Manama Souk is a labyrinth of small streets and alleys, with an infinite number of small shops and stands. Manama Souk is especially famous for its pearls and gold. When haggling with the sellers. hearing some shishas bubbling in the backround, one truly feels the Arabian flair. Manama Souk is located in the back streets of the Central Business District, just behind the famous “Bab al-Bahrain”.

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Qal’at Bahrain

Qal’at Bahrain is the former main center of the Bahrain. Each individual layer tells a story of the history of culture, which goes back until the 3rd millennium BC, Chr. In 2005, the archaeological site was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The perfect place to get lost in the traces of great cultures and rulers!

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Al Green Wildlife Park & Reserve

The All Green Wildlife Reserve is one of 5 protected natural areas of the island. On over 7 square kilometers you can discover the flora and fauna as well as animal species from Africa, South Africa and Asia. Currently, the park counts more than 45 different species.

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Kick back and relax

Being an island, Bahrain has a variety of very beautiful beaches. Both public and private. So just look for a nice spot, make yourself comfortable and forget the dark European autumn in no time.

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The Al Dar Island

If you are looking for some variety and relaxation, you should definitely take a trip to the Al Dar Island. Here you’ll find numerous quiet lagoons, but also plenty of action. Whether by jet ski or kayak: Along the coast of Al Dar are some fantastic bays to be discovered.

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  1. Bahrain tourism has done a great job with Al Dar islands. They were uninhabited islands in the southern coast of Bahrain which is now home to some of the best resorts in Bahrain. I really enjoyed my stay there. The beaches are fabulous. I would also add Wahooo! Waterpark inside City Centre Bahrain (http://www.citycentrebahrai… to visit if you are in Bahrain. It’s great fun for kids and family. You don’t feel the Bahrain heat inside the mall. There are great rides and pools.

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