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Nature can be incredible sometimes! What if I’d told you that there’s rocks moving independently, colored rain or birds making the sun disappear? Discover the 5 most impressive natural phenomena!

1. Stones on the move, Death Valley, California

natual phenomena_Moving rocks_opodo travel blog

Photo by Eric C.Bryan

The Death Valley in California is one of the most inhospitable places on the planet. On this arid land, rocks mysteriously move in the sand … Even if nobody has ever witnessed this strange phenomenon, the stones seem to have moved long distances!

2. Rainbows at night

rainbows_natual phenomena_opodo travel blog

Photo by Thot

This rare atmospheric phenomenon is caused by the reflection of the moon. It is most noticeable in autumn and spring. Being a spectator of this special event called “Moonbow” creates extraordinary emotions. It is said, that especially during a romantic evening this has a very special vibe.

3. Aurora borealis

polar lights_natual phenomena_opodo travel blog

Photo by Trödel

The northern or polar auroras (depending on where they occur) are optical phenomena of the atmosphere, characterized by luminous spots usually red, green or blue, although there is a very wide variety. Scientifically, it is the interaction of charged particles (protons and electrons) of the sun with the ionosphere of the Earth. This makes this phenomenon more intense during periods of high solar activity.

4. Black Sun

the black sun_opodo travel blog_natual phenomena_

Photo by Tendermarskens NaturCenter

This “eclipse of the sun” occurs when a cloud of birds crosses the sky and causes total obscurity as they are in such a high amount. The birds migrate to the skies of Denmark between March and April, which gives an intense and unforgettable spectacle.

5. The red rain

the red rain

Photo by ourmanwhere

A blood-red rain fell in 2001 in Kerala, India. It was not, as many believed then, an extraterrestrial intervention, but the presence of red spores on algae in the ocean. An explanation may be less sensational, but certainly more reassuring!

Do you know more natural phenomena? Share them in the comments!

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