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Discovering Paris is everyone’s dream, but if you wish to avoid being overwhelmed by hordes of tourists, you better stay away from overrated attractions and tourist traps. Follow our advice and you’ll be acting like a true Parisien in no time!

The dos and don’ts of local etiquette:


1. Wander the hidden pedestrian streets

Some areas of Paris make you feel like you find yourself in a small provincial village rather than a chaotic metropolis. Stroll down rue Montorgueil and stop at Stöhrer, the oldest patisserie in Paris known for producing Marie Antoinette’s favourite dessert – chocolate éclairs. Other streets worth discovering, especially if you wish to indulge in a little shopping, include rue des Rosiers, rue Mouffetard and rue de Levis. You will find that this entire area is tremendously lively, even on Sundays! Paris - the Dos and Don’ts of Local Etiquette

2. Have something to eat at an alternative bistro

Why pay for an overpriced meal when you can eat in style at an affordable price? If you haven’t heard, Paris happens to be famous for its “brasseries “, especially its neo-bistros. You can find these low-key restaurants scattered throughout the city. Many of them are run by experienced chefs and offer great value for money. If you don’t know where to get started, here are some of our favourite spots: Chateaubriand, Frenchie and Cuistance.

3. Go for brunch

A true Parisian always goes for late brunch on Sundays. Places like La Petite Fabrique, A Priori Thé and Derrière Au will have you discovering some of the city’s most hidden neighbourhoods (and of course, their food is simply delicious!).

4. Paris seen from above

What could be more beautiful than catching a glimpse of the Parisian rooftops? Some climb the Eiffel Tower to view Paris from above, but we prefer something a little more alternative. How about a terrace? Perchoir, Mama Shelter and The Kong await you! Paris - the Dos and Don’ts of Local Etiquette

5. Emerging designer boutiques

Everyone knows that Paris is THE place for shopping. But why purchase clothes from mainstream stores when you could get your hands on some beautiful, unique items made by emerging Parisian designers? You can find some of the best local boutiques on rue Montmartre – be careful not to get carried away, your bank account might not appreciate it!


6. Walking down Champs Elysée on a Sunday afternoon….

unless you enjoy crowded places and overprices food.

7. Going to a museum without booking your ticket online.

Most museums in Paris let you book your tickets online, a convenient service that will save you a lot of time.

8. Standing on the left side on the metro escalator…

This is a mistake many tourists make. If you like to take your time, it’s always good to stand on the right. That way you don’t block the way for others who might be in a hurry.

9. And your sunglasses?

Never leave your sunglasses at home. Parisian always keep their Ray Bans handy. They love to bask in the sun at the slightest signs of sunshine.

Paris - the Dos and Don’ts of Local Etiquette

10. Walking slowly and / or smiling at people.

What a strange idea! You are in Paris, not in the countryside…

Ready to experience Paris like a true Parisien? 



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